Summer Updates

July 2019

Thank you to the homeowners involved in the beach trail maintenance! The contracted brush clearing in May was successful and the volunteer trail mowing and ongoing weed whacking contribute to beach access……..and a GREAT start to summer crab season!

Since the April annual BMA meeting, the Board has continued work on several projects.  The water system cross-connection project is moving forward under the leadership of our water coordinator. He is working with King Water Company to clearly define the scope of work and timeline for project completion.  Once clearly defined, there will be direct communication from Board members as to impact for each homeowner as work is completed.

Our bulkhead work group, chaired by a homeowner, met with Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife employee in May for input on allowable bulkhead repairs and potential impacts. Coastal Geologic Services, Coastal Geologic conducted a beach site visit on June 27 and will submit their findings within the next few weeks.  The goal of this background research is to understand the impacts and options of any potential bulkhead repairs. The Board will schedule an informational special meeting, hopefully Fall 2019, to share the outcomes of this research.

Revised CC&Rs and Bylaws were reviewed on June 27 with the law firm who worked with BMA, Bailey, Duskin, Peiffle The attorney voiced no immediate concerns with either document and thought the language was clear and appropriate for a homeowner’s association.  He stressed the importance of maintaining accurate association records and evidence of following any stated practices (meetings, voting procedures, assessment collections). Which BMA has done. He will provide suggested language, if needed, and then we can move forward with filing the CC&Rs with Island County.  Then post the 2019 BMA-approved CC&Rs and Bylaws to the website!

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