Community & Board

Welcome to our homeowners’ community web page, launched in 2019! There are 22 homesites within the community. The community is served by the Brutus Maintenance Association (BMA) and is comprised of 5 volunteer board positions: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Water Coordinator and Secretary. Board members serve a 3-year term and are approved by the BMA membership. The homeowners’ board was established in 1980 in Island County and operates under Washington nonprofit status as URI #601-854-670. During 2022, this page may become password protected for BMA members only if that is the decision of the community.

One annual BMA meeting is conducted in the spring. Due to COVID-19, in-person meetings were suspended during 2020- early 2022. Meetings were conducted virtually or in suitable outdoors spaces. Special meetings are held when warranted. Annual assessments are collected two times per year and pay for the use of community well water (per the BMA Water Usage Plan), maintenance and preventative actions for the water system and beach/trail access. There is private beach access. All assessments must be approved by the BMA membership. The current CC&R’s (#4471395) and Bylaws are posted on this site and were last updated in 2019-2020.

BMA has hosted an annual summer BBQ and a winter holiday celebration. In addition, there may be an annual garage sale and several informal neighborhood gatherings! All posted to this website.

Reserves Study Information

Recently, your board secured the services of Associates Reserve, a firm based in Bellevue, to conduct a full reserve study for our homeowners association. They have performed a site visit to look at our physical assets and are preparing a financial plan to help us plan on costs associated with repairs and replacement. The Board will use their recommendations to determine what future annual homeowners should be and also to help plan for any special assessments.

Please feel free to gain more understanding of the reserve study process by using the links below which the experts at Associates Reserve have shared with us.

Making Good Reserve Decisions | Reserve Study Tips | Association Reserves – 7:56

Many people have been asking me what changes they need to make to avoid high costs and dangerous deferred maintenance. The decisions you make today put you on a course for the future. So let’s help you make good decisions in this week’s Reserve Study Tips!

Preparing For Your Association’s Expenses | Association Reserves – 7:50

What are the big expenses facing your association? We all know they’re coming, so the sooner you learn how big these expenses are and when they’re going to hit, the better you can prepare. The easiest way to do this is to use an advanced warning system.

Your Resources to Prepare a Reserve Fund | Association Reserves – 5:33

It’s important to not only see the future, but to see it with clarity. Without clarity, your association will stumble forward through the many large repair and replacement expenses coming your way. Often the best way to get clarity is to use a guide. Just like how an air traffic controller helps a flight crew navigate through the night sky, getting the right guidance makes all the difference. You can either have a smooth flight to the future, or suffer through the turbulence of special assessments, deferred maintenance, and declining property values. It’s your choice.

The Guiding Principles of Reserve Studies | Reserve Study Tips | Association Reserves – 5:53

What are the rules of the road on your reserves roadmap to the future? You can think of them as guiding principles that, when followed, help to protect, maintain and enhance the assets of your association. In this Reserve Study Tips, we’ll give you tools to help make the sale to homeowners that getting a reserve study and following it is in their best interests.

BMA Contact Information

The BMA mailing address is 3469 Timothy Way, Camano Island, WA 98282. The general email is Thanks for stopping by!