BMA Meetings

This page will allow access to current and prior meeting handouts and minutes. Any special meeting minutes, beginning with 2019, will be posted here. We hope this information is useful and timely for our community! If you wish meeting minutes prior to 2015, contact BMA directly.

Board Meetings: All board meetings are open to the membership (Bylaw 5.0 Rules & Regulations, approved July 2020). Please contact a current board member for past minutes.

2021 Annual Meeting –
July 17

Appeal of Board Approval of Lot 10 Project Request:

On June 28, 2021 the Board voted 4-0 to approve a request from Lot 10 to remodel their deck and build a portico over a portion of it. Lots 8 and 9 have both appealed the Board’s decision. The membership will vote at the Annual meeting on the appeal. The Lot 10 request including site drawings and the appeals from Lots 8 and 9 are provided below. (Note: the Lot 8 appeal provided below is an electronic version, the Board also received a hard copy of the same document signed by Terry and Lynda Comerford.)

Bulkhead Project Update

2020 Annual Meeting & Minutes –
July 18

  • 2019 – 2020 Budget Documents – there are 9 separate reports. Each report will be reviewed during agenda item IV. Treasurer’s Report.

2020 Special Meeting – March 7

2019 Annual Meeting

2018 Annual Meeting

2017 Annual Meeting

2016 Annual Meeting

2015 Annual Meeting